Video Projects

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Video production (primarily editing) is a hobby of mine.

Video Works

Motus Unitatis (μ)

An animation editor created for a class project. Written in C# and built with Unity 3D, μ allows the creation and editing of short animated clips in a 3D environment. μ facilitates easy animation via object placement and rotation recorded in keyframes, and will automatically tween from keyframe to keyframe for playback.

Developed in partnership with Bryan Castillo.

Class site


Screenshot of Thesis

Thesis is a dependency-focused inventory system written in T-SQL, C#, and ASP.NET for the Kent School District. Thesis seeks to record and illustrate dependencies between infrastructure devices (such as physical and virtual servers, network switches, etc.) and services (such as email, Internet access, telephony communications, etc.).



DirectoryDownloader is a simple PHP program using PHP ZIP to zip and download the contents of a directory. It was developed to work alongside Minixed, a lightweight directory indexer.

GitLab Project


A very basic password launcher for League of Legends.

GitHub Project